“Creator of Prosperity”

Shree Jayendra Saraswathy Vidyalaya Educational and Charitable Trust.

It is a private family-owned trust instituted in the year 1980. It is managed by a board of Trustees. The first chairman of the Trust was the late Shri. D. Balasundaram popularly known as Textool Balasundaram.

SJSVCBSE Creator of Prosperity

This title was conferred on him by the Coimbatore Chamber of Commerce. Shri. D. Balasundaram played a seminal role in the development of the industry in the Coimbatore region. The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore honoured him with “Creator of Prosperity” award. It was awarded by President APJ Abdul Kalam for paving a way for the development of industry in the Coimbatore region. Through his pioneering concept of sub-contract and ancillarisation, he encouraged many of his employees and associates to start their own ventures to produce components.

Shri. D. Balasundaram was educated in England in 1932 in Sheffield University. After his engineering degree, he came back to India in 1938. He developed India’s first electric motor in 1939 in GD Naidu’s Workshop. In 1946 he started Textool Co., and manufactured textile machinery spare parts. In 1948 he made India’s first Ring Frame. Textool Co. had more than 4000 workers in 1956 and made entire Textile machinery except for Blow Room Equipment. The Government of India took his help in the manufacture of Sten Guns. In 1949 more than 5000 guns were made.