On 28th February 2023, Sri Jayendra Saraswathy Vidyalaya organized a Science fair entitled ‘STEAM EXPO-2023’on the occasion of National Science Day which was a novel way of emphasizing on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math ) concept and the importance of Parent involvement in School .

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The exhibition was inaugurated by the Chairman of the trust Mr.Jayachandran, the Founder and Managing Trustee Mrs. Dhanalakshmi Jayachandran along with the Correspondent Mrs.Mythreyi Priya Arun.

This Expo was exclusively for the parent and child to be in School space and explore learning together in partnership by doing the workshops together. 

Sri  Jayendra Saraswathy Vidyalaya has been in the field of education for over forty years providing comprehensive education to all. During the pandemic, children were taught virtually for two years. Now that Schools have resumed, the Management organizes various Programmes to strengthen the relationship between the parents and students. 

All the students from class 1 to 12 showcased their unique talents in this Expo by exhibiting their models and projects from various discipline like Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Commerce, Mathematics, Biology and Environment. Parents and students enthusiastically participated in competitions like Cooking , Handicrafts,  Organic farming and Painting.

The expo showcased the Jurassic park world upto the latest. A world from dinosaurs to an Artificial Intelligence Robot The invention of a wheel to the creation of the modern technology machine learning . The school also introduced the skill education of Design thinking and Artificial Intelligence along with Textile design and Food production showcasing the array of the different subjects taught to the children

‘Impress your Mom by cooking millets’ was the most amazing competition which was exclusively arranged for the father and child to participate and the winners were awarded prizes.

To discover the joy of collaborating under their teacher was aimed as new concept of Parent involvement in a child’s education through the programmes like Art Therapy and Decoupage

All the children are members of the Environment club . They are active in doing hands on projects with the Coimbatore NGO’s on the Singanallur lake. They have displayed  images from  clearing the lake to planting trees on the bund and’ to the present growth of trees can be seen as an evidence,

This innovative platform was a wonderful experience for all the Parents and students .