Mrs. Dhanalakshmi Jayachandran & Mrs. Mythreyi Priya Arun

We follow the foundational philosophy of providing a rich Indian culture environment with principles that makes them good humans first before they embark on their scientific and technological journey in this fast-paced era.

To face this life full of challenges and uncertainties their mental well-being and emotional quotients. We believe this is the base for them to build their learning and develop their IQ. The Safe and secure environment with awareness is very essential for todays “Digital Native“to develop into a complete confident human being. It is imperative that values are fundamental for this 21st century learner to be future ready along with creativity, Critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Education at Jayendra institutions is governed by Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. This Theory indicates that every child is unique and we need to identify their dominating intelligence and develop their talents and prepare them to use it to connect to the real world.
They must be given the freedom to communicate and be able to work collaboratively to succeed.

The pandemic has been instrumental in making a paradigm shift in the teaching and learning methodologies in unbelievable ways where personalized education is made possible. For the holistic growth of each individual our co-curricular activities provide a host of opportunities to try.

It is fundamental for every human to understand and care for the environment. So care is taken to instill in every situation their role towards environment conservation. To be a global citizen we include the UN Sdg awareness by including it in our curriculum. It is important to be aware and achieve the goals and accept it as their responsibility.

Our Strength is our teachers and their dedication to making our plans a success lies in their hands. We have a track record of our Alumni who trace their success stories to our faculty. They are made to constantly update themselves by attending workshops for their subject’s enhancement, new teaching trends and the mental well-being of themselves and for their wards.

Our 4 decades of service to education has been rewarding to see the success stories and have second-generation Jayendrans in our campus. We wish to dedicate ourselves to the cause of quality education reiterating our motto Advaitam Satyam


The school was awarded with Eldrok India k12 Awards 2022 for excellence in sports and career development. This is an incredible achievement for providing holistic education.
We also received the award Best Infrastructure by Xq and the Best School Excellence Award for the year 2022 by Bangalore Sahodaya and IEF. 
The award is a testament of the passion and hardworking of students and teachers.