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The school’s motto is Advaitam Satyam which translates to “Knowledge is Truth.” The school seeks to awaken the consciousness through knowledge and emphasize on learning as a lifelong process.

SJSVCBSE-Sanadhana dharma


At Jayendra institutions, we are committed to inculcating the principles of “Sanatana Dharma” in the young minds as a guide to living and providing a quality educational program to meet the needs in a constantly changing world. We strive to instil in children God-centeredness, reverence for nature, deep consciousness for the environment and nobility in all thoughts, words and deeds. We greatly value mental well-being and wish to empower them to embrace learning and achieve their personal best. 


Our Mission is to provide a comprehensive holistic education of the highest quality and prepare the students to face the challenges of the global community. We also aim to develop in students the ability to work in harmony as a team and learn to appreciate the individual differences in our rich Indian culture and diverse environment. With an aim to cultivate a life of ethics, we focus on character building, instilling a sense of responsibility, social and global consciousness, patriotism and excellence in students.


Sri Jayendra Saraswathy Vidyalaya

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