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“Rethink the Future”

Jay the Squirrel our Mascot will run you through the 4th decade of educating the future.

We at the Sishualaya realize the importance of rapid brain growth in these precious formative years. Our learning environment is dynamic and constantly re-aligns to “Rethinking the future”. We offer a culmination of the best practices found in the broad spectrum of world-class pedagogy. We foster their creativity, collaborating skills, their ability to solve problems by thinking critically and expressing themselves by being clear communicators.

Grades I & II

The first two years of formal schooling is a transition time and our primary focus is to develop the ‘LSRW’ skills and basic arithmetic skills. The students do not have formal exams, they are continuously assessed on each concept and fundamentals. We recognize their individuality and focus on their strengths by using the Multiple Intelligence theory of Howard Gardner. We incorporate Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar into their curriculum to enhance the skills of reading and interpreting.

Grades III - V

We have implemented EEP, (English Enhancement Programme ) to improve the child’s capability to attempt a general analysis and enhance their communication skills.

We follow the CBSE syllabus with XSEED. This curriculum combines the 3 language systems with SEL, Yoga & Value Education, Performing Arts, Cubs and Bulbuls, and Silambam & Dance. The clubs include Dramatics Club, Quiz Club, Art and Craft Club, Eco Club, and Math Club.

A special pilot course on Financial Study apt for grade IV (2022 -2023) is included, and this batch will take it forward every year.


A financial learning program to teach students the skills of financial management. Finlit is a program of IFE Academy Chennai.

Grades VI - VIII

The students are encouraged to pursue their academic interests at an advanced level.  The students will be able to gauge potential challenges and offer possible solutions. Enhancing the fluency, accuracy, and confidence of the languages learned through a strong linguistical base is in practice. A wide variety of club activities are offered to students to explore their talents and participate in numerous national and international tournaments. Life skill subjects we offer include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Design Thinking
  • Information Practices

Students can become members of the Communication Skills Club, Quiz Club, Photography Club, and Environment Club or be a part of Scouts and Guides, Silambam as well as the school band. The students of Grade 8 are also given the opportunity to join the Air Wing of NCC.

Grades IX & X

We attach equal importance to both academic and non-academic pursuits. Work education is made mandatory for all the students of grades 9 and 10. This allows students to choose between food production and textile designing. These courses offered in addition to the 5 core subjects enable students to reflect on a plethora of social issues through an interdisciplinary perspective. Students are encouraged to take part in physical education classes and enrol themselves in service learning programmes.

The students are also allowed to be members of various clubs like Communication Club, Quiz Club, Photography Club, Green Hearts, Parampara and Dance Club. The club activities form an integral part of the school curriculum to build confidence in students and boost their self-esteem. These activities will be conducted within the school hours.

Senior Secondary Courses

The All India Examination of the Central Board of Senior Secondary Education, New Delhi prescribes the guidelines of the syllabi with changes from time to time clearly indicated through circulars that can be assessed from the official site of the CBSE Board of Examination.

The Scheme of studies and subjects

The learning areas will include:

  • Core compulsory subject: English
  • Four Electives
  • General Studies
  • Work Experience
  • Physical and Health Education

Sri Jayendra Saraswathy Vidyalaya

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