Trainings for Students

The school pays keen attention to all young minds that seek to solve the highest degree of challenges with their higher order thinking skills. Jayendra ensures that children are given an opportunity to excel at their preferred fields with their exceptional talents. A number of programmes, competitive examinations and competitions are organized for children who strongly believe in creating a difference with their unparalleled talents. Some of these platforms that aid in the recognition of a child’s exceptional talents include:


The students are coached to participate in competitive exams in English, Maths and Science to strengthen their higher order thinking skills.

Spell Bee

The school trains students according to the Strategic Language Enhancement Programme to expand their vocabulary and teach spelling techniques.


The school has joined hands with Allen to train students in mathematics and science. The students are given additional course materials to support their learning.

Trainings for Teachers

The teachers at Jayendra attend periodic professional development workshops organized both online and offline. Teachers engage in discussions with experts from the field of education and participate in trainings related to hybrid mode of teaching, learning disabilities and many more. They also receive regular trainings from XSEED and CBSE to connect with the teacher community across the country.


Sri Jayendra Saraswathy Vidyalaya

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