The school offers a variety of club activities for students to hone their extra-curricular skills and strengthen their talents. The clubs include Sanskruti (Performing Arts Club), Shristi (Art Club), SEWA (Care and Share Club), SEWA (Paws and Claws Club), Quizzers Club, Cyber Club, Bibliotheque (Book Club), Photography Club, Parampara (The Heritage Club), Dramatics Club, Art and Dance Club and Green Hearts Club (Eco Club). The projects and activities help students to expand their horizons of knowledge and facilitate learning beyond classrooms.



Clicks- Photography Club

Quiz Club

SEWA -Paws and Claws

SEWA -Care and Share

Parampara Club



At Jayendra, utmost importance is given to students’ health and well-being. The school strictly follows the guidelines provided by the Health and Physical Education framework of CBSE. In this regard, the school strives to make students physically, mentally and emotionally fit by providing training in various activities like Sports, Yoga, Karate, Zumba and PT.

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