Safety and Security

We ensure the utmost safety and security for all students within the campus at all times. We employ security personnel who monitor the campus regularly. Female attendees are also employed for additional support in the campus as well as on school buses. CCTV cameras are fitted in the classrooms and various locations within the campus. The school buses are fitted with camera and have a GPS embedded in it. Parents can track the location of their wards and the transport. In the digital era, the school believes that students should exercise caution and awareness while sharing and consuming data. Hence, cyber safety programmes and workshops are organized regularly to teach students internet etiquette and safety measures.

Health Basix

The school joins hands with Health Basix, a health consultant in the city and serves as a health information platform for students. The unit has in-school clinic and focuses on the objective, “every child needs to learn to be healthy and healthy to learn.” Through Health Basix, the school maintains the health record of students.  Health Basix is a team of Health care veterans who are really passionate about children’s overall health by providing technology and health care services at no cost to parents or schools. Launched in 2021, the team has created a tool for parents and schools to manage and make informed timely child healthcare decisions.


  • A full fledged school clinic, with a full time certified nurse and a visiting doctor to attend day to day needs during school hours.
  • Annual health checkup as per CBSE norms.
  • Digitalization of students’ health records with biometric registration.
  • Complete school health status report to school management and free second opinion from specialist to parents of the students