Our academic collaboration with research-based programs blended to form our tailor-made curriculum based on CBSE Syllabi.

The Best blend of the below inour Pedagogical

  1. Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar.
  2. XSeed Pre Kg – Primary Curriculum
  3. ICT by Chrysallis
  4. STEAM Education by Centrado
  5. Olympiad and Foundational Science by Allen.
  6. Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligences.
  7. Art Integration.
  8. UN Sdg
  9. SEL program was devised by a team of Psychologists.
  10. Value Education by Satya Sai Balavikas.
  11. Life skills by Finlit*


Our Kindgerten section. Our Early learning Programme.


The Play group is a part of our pre school where mothers and children meet weekly thrice for 2 hours per session on Tuesday, Thursday, and 1st and 3rd
Saturdays of the month.

– Age Group of 1.6 – 2.6 Years
– Timing : 10 AM – 12 PM

It is based on the concept of socialization and interaction and focus on a few developmental milestones of that age group.

– Pre School: 2.6 years – 3.6 Years
– PP1 : Preparatory Primer I
– PP2 : Preparatory Primer II

Welcome to our Sishualaya

Jay the Squirrel our Mascot will run you through the 4th decade of educating the future.

“Rethink the Future”

We at the Sishualaya realize the importance of the rapid brain growth in these precious formative years. Our learning environment is dynamic and constantly realigns to “Rethinking the future”. We offer a culmination of the best practices found in the broad spectrum of world-class pedagogy. We foster their Creativity, and Collaborating Skills their ability to problem solve by thinking critically and express
themselves by being clear communicators.

What development takes place in this age group?

This stage is the foundation for thinking, reasoning, Language Development and perception. We provide the appropriate exposure.


The Covid 19 Situation has to be in perspective as we plan for these children. Who have mostly led an isolated life only with their primary care givers. This will lead to a lot of Separation anxiety when they leave their homes to a new environment Social Emotional learning will be our primary focus. We need to make up for last years in isolation with inclusion of socially relevant rules and behavior, playing together and communication and sharing. We will begin the day with free paly and circle time and develop the sense of belonging which will be based on the scientific theory of Marslow’s hierarchy of needs.

What do we mean by best practices from the world-renowned teaching methodologies?

To keep the Child engaged in learning we use the blend which can be understood as stated below.
We use the time tested maria Montessori method to engage the students to understand the independent “I can do it myself “Stage. The Montessori resources with self-directed activity with hands on learning that includes collaborative play, learning order, developing social skills, language and sensorial awareness.
From Reggio Emelia school. we adopt the concept the learning environment to explore as a second teacher. They are ex. posed to open ended material both natural and re cycled for discovery, to learn social responsibility.
Adopting from the advance Bank Street! Which is child centered program. The focus is on diversity and curriculum with active development and educational opportunities in areas to develop the cognitive, emotional Physical and social growth.
The driving principle that children can become Life long Learners by interacting with the environment. We include different places of visit by encompassing fieldtrips, dramatic play, doing puzzles and role-play to learn from. Teachers use child centered play to steer learning, The development of the Frontal lobes is primary importance at this stage of the to develop planning and perception. As a stimulant memory games and brain gym exercise develop the physical domain fine and gross motor exercise, dance and dramatics including Yoga, balance beams, Sand pit and water play are included.

Creativity is enhanced through craft and art activities. Is the school following any international and researched curriculums and programmes?

We follow the synthetic phonics of Jolly Phonics as their Phonics programme to develop reading and the well-researched XSeed curriculum with periodical teacher training assessment as a part of their program besides the blend of the world class pedagogies. We have our pedagogical plan assessed by certified Psychologists and academicians.